Campeon mundial de tango. Bailarin y coreografo.



Award-winning tango dancer, fully trained and highly qualified choreographer and teacher. In addition to Tango, he has specialized in a wide range dance disciplines that include Tropical Rhythms (Porro, Merengue, Salsa) and Ballroom Rhythms (Pasodoble, Bolero, Fox, Tango, Milonga and Argentine Vals). Daniel has taught and performed extensively nationally and abroad at various festivals about twenty years.


Always willing to transmit his knowledge and experience, he is known for making Tango accessible to his students allowing them to explore it. He concentrates on the essence, creativity, communication, posture, details and balance keeping the interest and awaken the passion of his students for this artistic area.


For the last six years he has performed as Disc Jockey in several Milongas and events, including his well-Known Milonga “Pura Estampa”.


He has had the pleasure of performing in prestigious venues throughout the world. He was the Winner of Tango World Championship in Japan in 2005, for which he was granted the “High Honor Mention” by the Medellin Council. 



Download  here Daniel´s Curriculum Vitae